How a $25 Gift Moved Me To Tears

Recently I celebrated my birthday and received one of the most meaningful gifts ever. With the help of a service called Tribute, my friends and family created a video expressing their deep love and appreciation for who I am. It was an opportunity for them to share stories and express their gratitude. This gift was so touching that it moved me to tears! Watching this video made me think of how important it is to share gratitude for one another and how we don’t do it enough. Expressing gratitude and receiving gratitude can actually change your physiological state and help you heal. My good friend Andrew Horn, the founder of Tribute, has made it easier than ever to tell your loved ones how much you care about them. I was so impressed with my birthday Tribute video that I wanted to interview Andrew so that he could tell us a little more about his company and the importance of gratitude. You can check out the interview above. And why wait to show your friends and family that you love them? With the holidays coming up, Tribute makes for a perfect gift and you can also have it delivered on one of their stylish video cards. unnamed
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