In medical school, I was given the wrong road map for disease. My training gave me the ability to diagnose thousands of diseases and assign pharmaceutical treatments for those diseases. But this approach does little or nothing to treat the underlying causes of all disease.

The Seven Keys, which are based on Functional Medicine (the biggest revolution medicine has seen in the last 100 years) provide nothing less than a new road map for the territory of disease and illness. They allow us to develop personalized treatments based on the specific imbalances in the body that cause ALL disease.

By treating these Seven Keys (which is what I am going to teach you to do in this program), you will treat the causes of your broken brain. This may allow you to automatically heal from MANY of the psychiatric and neurological disorders you have been suffering from. The wonderful side effects are that you may lose weight and many of your chronic physical complaints may resolve as well.

So here are the Seven Keys to an UltraMind®. Later in the program I will go into greater details about each of them.

KEY #1: OPTIMIZE NUTRITION We are made of the stuff we eat. Our biology, biochemistry, and physiology need certain raw materials to run optimally—the right balance and quality of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, the right vitamins and minerals in the right doses, and all the colorful pigments in plant food called phytonutrients that support our well-being and function. Nearly all of us are nutritionally imbalanced in one way or another.

KEY #2: BALANCE YOUR HORMONES Our hormones are a symphony of molecules, including insulin, thyroid hormones, sex hormones, stress hormones, and many more. They have to work in harmony for you to be healthy.

KEY #3: COOL OFF INFLAMMATION We must protect and defend ourselves from foreign invaders and abnormal cells inside our own bodies. When this system is over- or underactive, illness occurs. Inflammation of the brain is a central symptom of almost all psychiatric and neurological conditions, as well as most chronic diseases. If you have a broken brain, it is almost certainly inflamed.

KEY #4: FIX YOUR GUT Digesting, absorbing, and assimilating all the food and nutrients we eat is critical for health. Our digestive systems must also protect us from internal toxins, bugs, and potential allergens as well as eliminate wastes. A breakdown anywhere in this process creates illness

KEY #5: ENHANCE DETOXIFICATION Our bodies must eliminate all of our metabolic wastes, and all toxins we take in from the environment through our food, air, water, and medications. The toxic burden in the 21st century is overwhelming, and often our bodies can’t keep up. This leads to illness.

KEY #6: BOOST YOUR MITOCHONDRIA Life is energy. When no more energy is produced in your cells, you die. The process of extracting energy from the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe is the most essential process in life. Keeping the metabolic engine running smoothly and protecting it from harm are essential for health. Loss of energy is found in almost all brain disorders.

KEY #7: CALM YOUR MIND A life of meaning and purpose, a life in balance with connection, community, love, support, and a sense of empowerment are essential for health. The overwhelming stresses of the 21st century, including social isolation, overwork, and disempowerment, create enormous stresses on our nervous systems, leading to burnout and breakdown.

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