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What could stem cells do for you?

I want to live to be 120, and with the help of really good food, lots of movement, great relationships, a strong community, and emerging science, I believe it’s possible. That last one comes in many forms and continues to evolve every day. We are lucky to live in a time that now, more than ever, gives us incredible tools and resources for dialing in our health goals on a truly customized level. Stem cells are a great example of this. These types of cells are considered unspecialized, meaning they have the potential to develop into various kinds of specialized cells, like cartilage, muscle, or nerve cells. Stem cells also have some other major superpowers: They can self renew and can also sense damaged cells and tissues and send signals that promote self-healing. To use stem cells as a therapy, they are either harvested from our own bone marrow or fat or can be obtained from a donor. They can then be injected in areas that are troubled to help the body heal itself more effectively. Some of the areas gaining traction for stem cell therapy include treating arthritic joints, aiding in wound healing from burns or chronic skin disorders, and even addressing wrinkles. After surgery for a ruptured disk 27 years ago, I’ve had lingering issues that have gotten worse as I age. I’m a strong believer that pain and decreasing mobility do not have to be inevitable as we get older, which is why I pursued stem cell therapy for my own back pain. If you missed it, I shared a conversation with the very doctors I trusted to do my own stem cell injections on last week’s episode of The Doctor’s Farmacy. Dr. Harry Adelson, Dr. Amy Killen, and Dr. Mitchell Duckworth from Docere Clinics have collectively treated thousands of patients with stem cells, for everything from ruptured disks and bad knees to thinning hair and sexual dysfunction. In this episode, we break down the healing possibilities that stem cell therapy can offer and much more about the process. The future of medicine has so much to offer us so we can live longer and stronger. I hope you’ll tune in to gain a better understanding of stem cell therapy.
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