You don’t need to go vegan to save the planet…

My new book, Food Fix, aims to be a definitive guide to fixing our health and the problems caused by the broken system.

There are so many solutions out there to fix this system. Among the most promising is regenerative agriculture.

Most people think they need to become vegan if they want to eat a climate-supportive diet. Yes, we should all avoid feedlot beef for its health, climate, and environmental impacts. But regeneratively raised beef actually improves carbon sequestration through natural grazing practices.

Studies show that end-to-end in the carbon cycle, regeneratively raised cows reduce carbon emissions by 170%. Yep, that even takes the methane from their gas into account. That means they actually counteract the carbon footprint from growing the GMO soy and other processed ingredients that make up an Impossible Burger.

Without animals as part of a holistically managed farm system, you can’t build a robust ecosystem with strong soils.

No soil means no food and that means no humans.

Considering the fact that we’ve lost ⅓ of our topsoil already and have only 60 years before ruining the rest, we should be pretty interested in protecting and rebuilding our soils.

Growing food regeneratively creates much better working conditions for farmers and helps them make more money. It uses less irrigation and doesn’t pollute our land and water with dangerous chemicals. It increases biodiversity—another urgent issue since we’ve already lost half of all our animal species. And it produces cleaner, more nutritious food so that we can achieve our best health.

All sides win.

The UN said if we took 2 of the 5 million degraded hectares of land around the world and spent 300 billion dollars (only 60 days of our of global military spend) to support regenerative agriculture on it, it would stall climate change and give us another 10 to 20 years to work on other solutions. That’s no small feat.

You can see there’s a lot of action to be taken, starting right in our own kitchens, backyards, restaurants, farmers’ markets, and grocery stores. In Food Fix I break down what YOU can do to start solving these profound issues of our time in simple steps. Join the revolution by pre-ordering,Food Fix here.

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