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Cocoa-Almond Smoothie

Cocoa-Almond Smoothie

  • Ready In 5 minutes
  • Serves 1

Dessert for breakfast? Yes, please! This creamy cocoa smoothie from my 10-Day Detox program has the perfect combo of fats + protein to energize your morning, and it tastes great. Click here to view PDF version. 

  • 2 or 3 large ice cubes

  • 1 1⁄4 cups unsweetened almond milk

  • 2 tablespoons unsalted almond butter

Step 1

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until smooth, 1 to 2 minutes. If the smoothie is too thick, add a little water and blend again until it reaches the desired consistency.

Step 2

Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

Nutritional analysis per serving

Calories: 430 • Fat 39 g • Saturated Fat 14 g • Cholesterol 0 mg • Fiber 9 g • Protein 10 g • Carbohydrates 14 g • Sodium: 300 mg

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