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Vietnamese “Noodle” Salad with Grilled Steak, Peaches, & Herbs

Vietnamese “Noodle” Salad with Grilled Steak, Peaches, & Herbs

  • Ready In 1 hour
  • Serves 4-6

This week’s recipe comes from Diana Rodgers at Sustainable Dish, who is a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, organic farmer, and blogger on all things sustainable. Her Vietnamese “Noodle” Salad with Grilled Steak, Peaches, and Herbs is incredibly flavorful and a healthier alternative to traditional noodle dishes, thanks to the use of crunchy cucumbers instead. Grass-fed steak is always a better choice than conventional, and when using it as a condiment within a plant-rich meal you get a great dose of iron, B vitamins, and protein along with mouth-watering flavor. The cilantro, mint, scallions, and basil in this recipe add a fresh, springtime note while the peaches provide a contrasting sweetness and nice boost of vitamin C. Get the PDF version here.

  • 1 1/2 lbs grass-fed flank steak

  • sea salt and black pepper

  • 3 peaches or nectarines

  • Juice of 2 limes

  • 1/4 cup fish sauce

  • 1/3 cup apple juice

  • 1 jalapeno pepper, minced

  • 1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger

  • 3 cloves garlic, minced

  • 1/2 cup minced fresh cilantro leaves

  • 6 cups crunchy lettuce (like romaine), chopped

  • 3 cucumbers, spun into noodles

  • 1 cup chopped fresh mint leaves

  • 1 cup chopped fresh basil leaves

  • 3 scallions, chopped

  • 2/3 cup chopped cashews

Step 1

Bring your steak to room temperature, season both sides with salt and pepper.

Step 2

Heat your grill to medium-high heat.

Step 3

Grill steak to medium-rare, about 10 min on one side then 2 min on the other.

Step 4

Transfer steak to a cutting board and allow to rest for 10 minutes.

Step 5

Grill peaches for about 2 minutes each side, watching carefully so they don’t burn. Transfer peaches to a plate.

Step 6

While the steak is cooking, make your dressing by combining the lime juice, fish sauce, apple juice, jalapeño pepper, ginger, garlic, and cilantro in a bowl.

Step 7

Slice the cooked steak thinly against the grain and place it in the dressing. Allow to sit in dressing for at least 20 minutes.

Step 8

On a platter, place the chopped lettuce down as your first layer, then top with the cucumbers, steak, peaches, the fresh mint and basil, scallions, and finally with the chopped cashews.

Step 9

Right before serving, top the salad with remaining dressing.

Nutritional analysis per serving (if serving 6)

calories 402 • fat 19g • carbohydrate 23g • sugar 12g • protein 19g

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