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The only fully researched oral fibrinolytic supplement on the market. This is the process that prevents blood clots from growing. Beneficial for any illness that has an accompanying hypercoagulable blood state, shown to be present in many chronic illnesses. Recommended for some on hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, and some who can’t tolerate standard preventative pharmaceutical drugs.

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How to use

If Boluoke® is to be taken for chronic conditions, it should be taken at the dose of 1 capsule one to three times daily on an empty stomach. However, the practitioner may recommend 2 capsules three times daily for 3 to 6 weeks in conditions with severe hypoperfusion. The therapeutic dose for children (according to the manufacturer)is 1 capsule per 8Kg (about 17 pounds) per day. If the lumbrokinase is emptied out from the capsule, still try to take the powder on an empty stomach.


Lumbrokinase has been safely used together with blood thinning agents in various clinical studies, and does not have any adverse interaction nor increase the chance of bleeding other than what is inherent to the blood thinners (Park S, Kye KC, Sumi H, et al. 1989). Boluoke® has been shown not to significantly affect PT and aPTT (thus it does not affect INR).

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